Troy Challenger
Not Seeing Your Courses? Faculty Must Turn Them On!
by Troy Challenger - Monday, August 26, 2013, 6:22 PM

Students, if you are not seeing a course in iLearn, your instructor needs to make it available.  Share the following with them.

Q:  Help! How do I make my course visible to my students?

A: Faculty, the visibility setting for your course is located under Course Administration (which is now accessed from the top pull down menu bar) and then Edit Settings.  It is now right at the top, called Visibility>Show 


Students cannot see your courses until you turn them on.  You can the color of their titles will change.  Gray=invisible  Green=visible, Good to Go

Q: I can't log onto iLearn, what's up?

A: You need the latest browser version to access the new iLearn 2.5, and you may need to clear the old settings stuck in your browser's cache...and then restart it. See  Also, if you have old may need to relink them. If you still cannot log on, contact CAT (Center for Academic Technologies) at 582-4648.